Bahrain: Policeman who joined protests sentenced to 12.5 years

Watching the Arab Spring protests and similar events around the world, it is interesting to compare military vs. police responses, though often it is hard to tell them apart. This story is about a policeman who “changed sides” and came to identify more with the protesters than with the royal family that runs the country and that responded brutally to the protests.


One Response to “Bahrain: Policeman who joined protests sentenced to 12.5 years”

  1. Thomas J Burke Says:

    They made quite the example of him. It speaks to a larger problem in military / police circles; when a soldier or officer refuses an order to shoot someone, it’s virtually impossible to obtain “conscientious objector” status, which I’m sure the man would have sought had he gone through the “proper channels”.

    Nonetheless, police tactics have certainly come under scrutiny in recent years as the middle class come to demand more and more for themselves via protests. It’s hard not to look at the Occupy protests and come to the conclusion that the police operated in a more military-styled manner; instead of “serving the people”, they “punished their enemies”, so the old axiom goes.

    I will say that the amount of protection that police wear – even for a riot – seems a bit excessive. They look like they’re going to war, which doesn’t make for the most positive of images in the media.

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