Tough times in the UK

The national government in the UK is pushing a number of significant changes to policing, including elected police commissioners, outsourcing, and reduced staffing. Most recently, an arbitration board released some proposals for reductions in police pay and benefits. In the comment below is a police constable’s Facebook lament directed toward his chief constable.


One Response to “Tough times in the UK”

  1. Gary Cordner Says:

    Facebook post by a UK police constable, addressed to his chief constable:

    I not only feel the need to inform you of how disappointed I am with the current situation, but also at my disappointment with you.

    I feel let down, disappointed and betrayed by your response and approach at the proposed and current pending cuts to my service pay and conditions, I feel that you are totally out of touch with the officers within GMP.

    Every time I see you on the television, I hear that GMP can provide the same or better service without the loss of front line staff or the increase of crime. What utter rubbish. I have been in the service for less than 8 years and in that time have seen officer numbers fall on response, on some nights I have known 8 staff policing a whole division. Crime may look to be falling, but with changing crime recording standards (manipulating figures), this is not surprising.

    Officer safety is being neglected, as officer attending violent calls alone and sometimes have to wait considerable time before back up arrives. Officers from adjoining divisions having to back up due to lack of numbers on duty.

    Morale is certainly the lowest I have ever known, and the morale of my colleagues that I speak to on a daily basis is the lowest I have ever seen. That was before we are now being told that our pay is to be frozen for 2 years and with the removal of other terms that have and will continue to greatly affect me and my colleagues. I personally stand to lose a significant amount of money with the current changes, Money that I have worked hard and in my eyes earned. I do know I am going to have to look at a second job to supplement the money lost and that is before anyone changes to my pension.

    How many officers will now be open to bribes or corruption, with the loss of wages and pay, this may be a real threat!

    You as a police officer know we are on duty 24/7, I know from personal experience that I have taken positive action when off duty when seeing a crime or incident, I have done this without thinking of getting paid for the trouble! but I now wonder how many officers will now look the other way. Is this what you want?

    I would also like to point out I don’t want something for nothing, I have worked hard to improve myself within GMP taking and passing the Ospre examinations at my own expense to better myself and to earn a better wage. Now the promotion system has been frozen, with no word as to when GMP will re-open the promotion assessments, leaving me even more demoralised. Although GMP is currently taking great advantage of officers acting and filling vital roles some for considerable periods of time without rewarding officers with the possibility of advancement. Why should I not have the opportunity to improve my position as others have before me?

    GMP has become a very stagnant working environment!

    As other colleagues look for employment elsewhere the role of a police officer looks to become an endangered species, with little or no recruitment taking place and when recruitment does start again, possibly with no interest in the ‘officer of the law’.

    I know the changes to GMP over the next months and longer will have little effect on you, when you do go the final golden handshake you will receive will significantly more than I’ll ever see in my lifetime. I realise you may be looking at other career options when you leave GMP, and these career options may be the reason why you are not supporting the lower ranks.

    A Very Disgruntled Greater Manchester Police Officer.

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