Stop & frisk

Resentment toward stop & frisk seems to be a growing issue in both New York and London. Studies in both cities show heavy disproportionality, with minorities much more likely to be stopped, but not more likely to be found in possession of weapons or contraband. In London the current focus is on random stops authorized in high-crime areas. In New York, the focus is on stops leading to questionable arrests for marijuana possession. In both cities, police leaders have recently initiated efforts to curtail the high volume of stops.


2 Responses to “Stop & frisk”

  1. TJB Says:

    It makes sense, because New York has some of the most lenient (or progressive, depending on where you stand on the issue) marijuana laws in the country. First and second possessions of less than 25 grams will only net a $100 fine and the crime is only considered a civil infraction in both cases..The article itself states that possession in NYC is only considered a crime if the drug is displayed in the public view.

    Compare that to the state of Oklahoma, where a first offense possessing any amount whatsoever can include up to one year in jail and a much heavier fine, and a second offense can carry 2-10 years in prison (as well as the fine). A second offense in Oklahoma is considered a felony as well, so voting rights are likely taken away at that point also.

    It’s a huge misuse of resources at every level.

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    There’s a follow-up article on stop & frisk and racial profiling in the UK here:

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