Is necessity the mother of consolidation?

The great recession is making things tough on a lot of U.S. communities and their local police departments. An article in the latest Police Chief magazine by COPS Office Director Bernard Melekian presents some recent findings, for example 12,000 officer layoffs and 30,000 positions unfilled. One city that has faced a big problem is Camden, NJ. This article updates the proposal for city/county consolidation there. Looks like they still have a few details to iron out.



2 Responses to “Is necessity the mother of consolidation?”

  1. Jordan Sitka Says:

    I learned this in my Criminology class that the more cops you have the more crime is seen. A place with more cops is more likely to see more crime than a place with few cops. If we are trying to prevent crime, then why are we laying off so many officers?

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    Thanks Jordan. I think it is a question of competing interests, or desires. Most places would like to have more police, but they cost money. So do school teachers etc. Right now, especially, a lot of cities and towns have seen their revenue shrink because of the economic downturn, and are having to make some tough choices about what they can afford.

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