Police Reform in China

Professor KC Wong of Xavier University has authored a new book, Police Reform in China. Already receiving very favorable reviews, it stands as the authoritative resource on recent policing developments in the world’s most populous country.


3 Responses to “Police Reform in China”

  1. Kam C. Wong Says:


    Thanks for recommending my book on POLICE REFORM IN CHINA (Taylor and Francis, 2012). Here are some reviews:

    CRC Web
    “A first of its kind to provide a comprehensive and systematic investigation of policing reform in China, this book offers an insider’s perspective through the use of indigenous theories and empirical data from the Chinese police, as well as Party documents and legal literature. The author’s collaboration with professors from the Chinese People’s Public Security University in China documents the day-to-day operations of the Chinese police and presents an evidence-based assessment of the impact of reforms on the society. It is suitable as a reference or text.”

    Advance reviews include:

    “This monograph investigates into the police reform in the PRC. It is one of the first of its kind to comprehensively discuss how the Chinese Police “re-invent itself to be a professional force” while facing challenges as well as opportunities accompanied by the great social and economic reform in China since 2000. The author collected abundance of up-to-date information, valuable empirical data from various local sources including newspaper articles, governmental reports, official surveys, and academic self-report studies, etc., to support his insightful arguments on police reform in China. These data are very useful in providing a reasonable evaluation of police reform in the Chinese context and build a reliable groundwork for future research in the field. It is a book that anyone study police in China must read.”

    Professor Jianhong Liu
    Professor of Criminology of University of Macau (China)
    Chair Professor and Dean, School of Law at Southwest University of Political Science and Law (China)
    President, Asian Criminological Society

    “This book provides a rare and insightful glimpse of policing in China in the midst of such change. … Among the book’s most significant contributions are the data sources that it makes accessible to a Western readership. These include publications in professional policing journals, longitudinal data from successive crime victim surveys and surveys of police personnel, and excerpts from conversations in online chat-rooms. The book is richly documented, a resource in its own right. …KC Wong’s intriguing book provides us with a valuable vantage point from which to view the unfolding of this drama.”

    Distinguished Professor Peter Grabosky
    Australian National University

    Vice President
    Asian Criminological Society

    “With rare understanding of Chinese materials, K.C. Wong painstakingly describes efforts to reform the Chinese police during the past decade, courageously exploring sensitive issues of policy and performance. Written in an engagingly personal manner, it is a fundamental book for anyone interested in how modern China manages law enforcement and public order.”

    David H. Bayley
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    School of Criminal Justice
    State University of New York at Albany

    12 January 2011

    “This book makes two important contributions to the study of policing in China. First, through innovative data-mining methodologies, K C Wong brings out the voices and feelings of ordinary police officers and demonstrates the potential of deeper-level research on Chinese policing and criminal justice institutions. Second, K C work’s work reminds us of the necessity and possibility need to approach Chinese policing and criminal justice from broader political and social perspectives.

    Fu Hualing, Ph.D.
    Professor of Law
    Head, Department of Law
    University of Hong Kong

    For scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, the evolving societal landscape of modern-day China presents many puzzling and challenging issues of reform and development. In the case of policing and crime control, Dr. Kam Wong has made an invaluable effort by presenting this in-depth and thought-provoking study. Bringing to the fore both a systematic scholarly perspective and a keen sensitivity for important social questions, Dr. Wong not only analyzes ongoing reforms of Chinese policing, but also presents a wealth of ideas that future efforts of police reform must take into account. For anyone interested in the development of policing in China, this landmark work is a must-read.

    Mathieu Deflem, Ph.D.
    Professor of Sociology,
    University of South Carolina

  2. Gunther Says:

    I save up my money to buy the book. I am always interested in reading police books no matter what country it is. I saw the book on Amazon website and look at the table of contents that looks very interesting.

  3. Kam C. Wong Says:


    My new book: POLICING IN HONG KONG: HISTORY AND REFORM (CRC, 2013) is coming out in 3/2015.

    This book argues that HKP reform started after WWII, not in 1997.

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