Run and you’re done in NC

In an effort to deter high-speed chases, a new law took effect in North Carolina December 1st enabling police to seize vehicles involved in pursuits. If the driver is convicted of felony eluding, the vehicle can then be sold with the proceeds going to local high schools. So far, however, lien holders and actual owners (as opposed to drivers) have gotten more cars returned to them than have become eligible for sale.



One Response to “Run and you’re done in NC”

  1. John E Eck Says:

    This sounds like another form of Ignorance-Oriented Policing, or even Non-sequitor-Oriented Policing. “Modeled after street-racing legislation” explains this. Its probably the case that most street race cars are owned by the offender, but is this true of cars involved in high-speed chases? If so, this might work — if there is a concerted effort to communicate with potential offenders. If not, it is likely to be irrelevant.

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