Author questions Japanese police effectiveness

In international circles, Japanese policing is highly respected and their koban system of local police stations has been widely emulated. In this op-ed piece, the author of a new book highlights some serious fumbles by the Japanese police in handling serious crimes and calls into question their sterling reputation.

2 Responses to “Author questions Japanese police effectiveness”

  1. caseykurlander Says:

    Interesting. I just wrote an entry using notes that I took during my visit to Japan last summer. It is my observations and thoughts on the country’s situation at that time. Here is the link if you want to check it out:


  2. Gunther Says:

    If the Japanese police were send overseas to look at other police agencies, they would be shock at see how criminals actually refuse to talk to the police, tried to avoid confessing their crimes, and having no remorse for their victims.

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