Bystanders wounded by police bullets in Empire State Building incident

The recent incident in New York represented a very difficult scenario for police. On a crowded street in Manhattan, a man had just killed killed a former co-worker and then turned his gun on two nearby police officers. The officers fired on the man and killed him, but nine bystanders were wounded. As reported in this article, the NYPD has determined that all nine were wounded by police bullets.



3 Responses to “Bystanders wounded by police bullets in Empire State Building incident”

  1. J S Pandey Says:

    Perhaps they need not have fired so many bullets,could have used single shot option and stopped as soon as the target fell.

  2. John Kapinos Says:

    I think that this was an extremely tough tactical decision for the officers. Certainly, employing deadly force with firearms in an urban environment is challenging. I wonder if some tactical training could focus on the best way to approach and take down an armed suspect in a crowd (single-shot option, or rush to quickly close on target). Likewise, could police agencies do public awareness training for citizens – when police officers yell a warning, then “hit the deck”!

  3. J S Pandey Says:

    We should also think of use of deadly force only to protect life and not for catching an offender for which other,less risky, means should be used.

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