New UK policing minister still supports privatization

There has been a push to privatize so-called “backroom” policing functions in the UK, but some thought this would subside after the company G4S was unable to deliver fully on its contracts to provide security at the recent London Olympics, forcing the government to call out extra military units. However, the newly-appointed policing minister in the UK has given the privatization agenda his strong support, accoring to this article.


One Response to “New UK policing minister still supports privatization”

  1. Glenn Jones Says:

    I like to keep an open mind, but I have yet to see a single instance where shifting policing functions to the private sector or elsewhere in government has resulted in improvements, either in service delivery or cost effectiveness.

    In my four decades in this sector (both as a police officer and a consultant) it has universally led to both a more expensive service and a reduction in frontline delivery to the community. I am therefore highly suspicious of anyone who wants to flog what, in my experience, is a very dead horse.

    What is in it for UK policing? Given the recent Olympic debacle, the new minister needs to make. Compelling case before anyone vn considers this idea again. I can’t wait!

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