London shifting 800 detectives & closing 65 police stations

This article reports that the London Metropolitan Police are shifting 800 detectives from specialized units to uniformed duties, closing 65 police stations and selling about 200 police buildings, including New Scotland Yard. The overall scheme is intended to cut costs and boost neighborhood policing efforts.


2 Responses to “London shifting 800 detectives & closing 65 police stations”

  1. Thomas E Engells Says:

    It would be interesting to see what metrics are to be used to measure success of this “close and move” strategy. Seems to be just another forced frugality in Cameron’s UK and

  2. improvingpolice Says:

    Efforts like this may be an opportunity in disguise — it may cause police to deeply examine what they do and how they do it and rethink their role in the community. An interesting case study about to unfold. For more commentaries on improving police, follow my blog at

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