Corruption probe in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s police chief was forced to resign last month amid a federal investigation of possible misuse of funds by the police department. Now the 33-year-old mayor of the city, Luke Ravenstahl, in office since 2006 and thought to be a political rising star, has withdrawn from his re-election campaign. Further details seem likely to emerge as this case unfolds.



One Response to “Corruption probe in Pittsburgh”

  1. David C. Couper Says:

    Just like I mentioned in my book — One of the “Four Obstacles” (corruption) that have arrested the development of our nation’s police. (The other three being “anti-intellectualism,” “violence,” and “discourtesy.”). One of these days the public will get sick and tired of these shenanigans and force change. In the meantime, any improvement will be up to those who call themselves “leaders!”

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