Israeli & Palestinian police discuss joint operations

At a joint news conference, top Israeli and Palestinian police commanders revealed that they have been meeting for months to discuss the possibility of joint patrols and other operations. They made the point that crime and traffic accidents in the region take more lives than the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


2 Responses to “Israeli & Palestinian police discuss joint operations”

  1. John Kapinos Says:

    Gary, I found this to an extremely interesting development. For decades, diplomats and politicians have been trying to formulate top-down approaches to create cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. Now maybe, it is time to try some bottom-up efforts to establish a functioning society in that area. And who better to start with than the police? Policing needs to work well for the society to ultimately function.

    • Gary Cordner Says:

      Thanks John. I didn’t mention it in the post, but it is mentioned in the article, that PERF has played a role over the last 18 months in encouraging these police-to-police discussions. Another article mentioned that Chief Ed Davis (Boston), Commissioner Ray Kelly (NYPD), and Sheriff Doug Gillespie (Las Vegas Metro) had participated in the discussions. Good work by all of them.

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