Not using CCTV

Statistics from London indicate that police failed to obtain CCTV evidence in 84% of thefts and burglaries in which such evidence did exist. As video surveillance becomes more pervasive, it raises the same issue as DNA evidence — can we afford to collect it and analyze it for the many thousands of property crimes that occur every year? Clearly, more cases could be solved and more offenders held accountable, but at significant cost.


3 Responses to “Not using CCTV”

  1. Gunther Says:

    You wonder why the Londons cops want all this technology if they will not use it to solve thefts and burglaries? Are they fearful, that if crime gets reduce, their request for more technology and manpower will be denied and that their current manpower will be actually reduced?

    • Gary Cordner Says:

      As you probably know, police manpower in the UK has been reduced over the last few years and is scheduled to be reduced even further. My guess is that they simply can’t keep up with the volume of property crime and associated video footage. The British police do already make greater use of DNA evidence than in the US, and I expect that consumes a good bit of staff time (collecting, processing, analyzing, tracking down suspects after hits, arrests, charging, associated court time, etc.).

  2. jspndy Says:

    We have a fetish of detection of unknown offender cases, and this is largely responsible for a whole lot of human rights violations by the police all over the world, including third degree,false confessions through fraudulent plea bargaining, crimes ‘taken into consideration’ and much else. Heavens will not fall if some cases remain undetected.Restitution and reparation of the victim is much more important.

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