Higher standards for police employment

This article describes higher education and experience standards being applied by several agencies in the Minneapolis region. Chiefs cite increased complexity, diversity, and also deep applicant pools as reasons behind the trend.


One Response to “Higher standards for police employment”

  1. Gunther Says:

    The only problem I see is that people are so use to using computers, IPODS, etc., that they forgot how to do face to face communications with their family members, friends, and co-workers and tried to talk about problems even if it means having a long conversation.

    Nowadays, people are force or want quick decisions espiecally when you work in a customer service center far away from human contact and the corporations are checking your productivity to see how long you are on a call and how many calls you do in a day.

    Police work is not always that way but then again, police officers are under pressure to resolve a call and then move on to the next one or many of them are too impatient with a call and want to get it done quickly particularly if someone is arguing with them about not wanting to be search, have their residence search, or their car search and then the cops get mad about it (contempt of cop).

    I believe in New York there is a law that is being debate about making it a feloney to intrude on a police officer (I can’t remember the exact details of that law) which means if I want to asks the cop about something, and he/she doesn’t want to be bother, then he can arrest me for it.

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