Police chief contracts in NY State

A little-noticed change in state law in 2011 has made it easier for town councils in New York State to make changes to existing contracts with police chiefs, according to this article. Town officials see an opportunity for cost containment, but chiefs’ groups complain that promises are being broken and police chief positions will become more susceptible to political pressure.


4 Responses to “Police chief contracts in NY State”

  1. Gunther Says:

    if the police chiefs, sheriffs, state police superintendents got together and demanded that they would be an impartial force like the RCMP, then they would not have to face political pressures. Of course, many of them are anti-union considering the fact that they had benefitted from unions. They get no empathy let along sympathy from me.

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    You mention the RCMP — they have been under a lot of scrutiny the last few years, much of it due to alleged political machinations. To be sure they are an internationally-respected agency, but at the same time there are lots of Canadian critics who would disagree with you that they are the model of an impartial force. And I would add that folks are taking a hard look at police salaries up there in Canada, questioning whether the current model is financially sustainable.

  3. Gunther Says:

    I agreed with you about the RCMP coming under scrutiny in the last few years considering the fact that the many business people, corporations, and politicans jhave tried to undermine the RCMP as being an impartial force. I have read the book Above the Law by former RCMP officer Paul Palango regarding this matter.

    I also agreed wih the RCMP critics because it seems that these days the RCMP is becoming more of a militarzied police force like many American police departments and like the American police don’t seem to hestitate in violate people’s rights at peaceful demonstrations and being a private police force for corporations.

  4. Gunther Says:

    Paul Palango was not a RCMP but a journalist. My mistake

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