Revising photo line-ups

This article indicates that the Prince George’s County police in Maryland are the latest agency to adopt sequential and double-blind procedures for their photo line-ups. Evidence indicates that these procedures reduce the chances of a false witness identification.



3 Responses to “Revising photo line-ups”

  1. Gunther Says:

    You wonder if the cops ever bother to have the DNA evidence tested just to verify that they had caught the right guy since the Innocent Project got people off through the use of DNA

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    Well, there’s not always any DNA evidence, and then there’s the problem of backlogs in the crime labs. Keep in mind there’s a few million people arrested every year, so the volume is staggering. Historically though, you are correct that DNA has been the key in proving that a bunch of convicted people didn’t actually do it.

    • Gunther Says:

      As I recall, the actor William Petersen of TV show CSI, was trying to get the politicians to devote more money so the police departments can get better lab equipment, hire more lab personnel, and improve the standards of police lab equipment and personnel which would help get rid of the backlog and solve crimes more quickly.

      We always need more cops; however, what good are they when you don’t have enough support personnel like lab technicians to help solve huge amount of arrests and cases particularly ones that could have be solved quickly but go unsolved for year? Police chiefs need to start fighting hard for support personnel just like they do when asking for more cops. My two cent worth.

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