Are police salaries sustainable?

This article from Boston reports that 74 officers/commanders earned over $200,000 in 2013, and some will likely reach $300,000 in 2014. Recent wage increases won by police and firefighter unions guarantee continuing increases. The head of the city’s municipal research bureau points out that these wages will inevitably lead to reduced services in parks & recreation and libraries, as well as staff reductions in the police department.


One Response to “Are police salaries sustainable?”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I would ask the question are CEOs pay, stock options, and bonuses are sustainable?

    It is too bad the rest of the American workforce don’t get the kind of salaries that some of these cops get. Then our economy would be rip roaring since people have money to buy things or put away money for unexpect expenses and retirement. Labor and economist experts have stated that if the minimum wage was tied to the CEO pay, an American would be making $125,000 dollars a year.

    How much would you cut back on police salaries in Boston? You don’t want to cut it back that they end up taking second jobs or taking paybacks from the criminals or running their own little criminal racket?

    My fear is that once the cops reach a certain level of money (I believe it is $250,000), they don’t have to pay as much taxes anymore like the rich people while the rest of us have to make up the difference. I also fear that some of these cops could be come lazy and not want to do their jobs anymore because of these high salaries. Studies have shown that once CEOs start making a million bucks, their productivity along with their companies go downhill because all they are thinking about is how much they can rake in. $300,000 is not even close to an average CEO’s pay, but it could cause some people not to put in anymore hard work and/or go the extra mile to do something that is helpful.

    If Corporate America and rich people had not sent the jobs overseas plus getting tax breaks and subsidies, these salaries could be sustainable.

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