Another side of civil liability

This article reports that, over a 4-year period in New Jersey, there were more lawsuits and more money was paid out in civil cases involving police officers suing their departments than in cases of citizens suing the police.



One Response to “Another side of civil liability”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Now the cops know what it is like when citizens files complaints against them but Internal Affairs clears the cops.

    “Mitchell Sklar, the executive director of the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police, said it shouldn’t be a surprise that lots of police officers sue their departments. Lots of employees in every industry sue their employers”

    Oh really!. In the last 34 years, the rich people and corporations have gotten laws pass where ordinary citizens whether as individuals or as groups are being denied access to the courts or even if they get to court, the judges dismiss their lawsuits because the judges are pro-business people.

    Funny how cops complain about America becoming a place where people are so trigger happy to sue; yet, the cops don’t hesitate to do the same thing.

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