Police as ethnographers

Here’s a short interview with an anthropologist who has made a career doing criminal justice evaluations, including police programs. She notes that policing requires some of the same skills and perspectives as qualitative research.


One Response to “Police as ethnographers”

  1. Gunther Says:

    It is amazing how it is how for people like the anthropologist or people who have liberal arts to get a job compare to people who have computer, science, math, engineering, or business degrees since private sector see those anthroplogy degrees or liberal arts degrees as nothing useful in helping companies make a profit.

    Of course, when you look at people with business degrees, they are not exactly pretty smart themselves when they run an entire country and the world into an economic mess that they knew they were going to cause in the first place but they did it anyway.

    Officers should be rotated; otherwise, they are pretty useless if they don’t know how to deal with crime scenes whether as patrol officers or detectives. Of course with all this war on drugs and terrorism, many cops go into the SWAT teams and/or police intelligence.

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