Questioning EWS in LA

Early warning systems (EWS), also called early identification systems, are designed to help police administrators identify officers who may be starting to exhibit a pattern of problematic behavior. This article reports that the system used in Los Angeles seems to fail on both ends — misidentifying officers whose behavior is fine, and failing to identify those officers who later get into serious trouble.


One Response to “Questioning EWS in LA”

  1. Gunther Says:

    In the book To Protect and Serve, Edward M. Davis, who late became Chief of Police for LAPD, had the responisbility of keeping track of officers who call in sick because on paydays, some of the cops would blow their pay checks on drinking and then call in sick because they were too drunk to report to work. I don’t recall if his system involved tracking officers who had complaints filed against them or have been involved in too many shoots or excess use of force.

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