Race & police shootings

This article summarizes the available evidence on whether race affects shootings by police. Fundamentally, reliable and systematic data are lacking. The evidence from several recent studies is inconsistent and sometimes surprising.


3 Responses to “Race & police shootings”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Perhaps I’m just particularly sensitive these days to how journalists discuss police use of force, but why are decedents in officer-involved shootings referred to as victims? Unless the appropriate authority determined a crime was committed by the officer, there is no victim.

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    Good point. Might be loose use of legal terminology, or the writer may not have intended to mean “victim” in a legal sense. My guess would be the latter.

    • Ashley Says:

      That’s not much consolation. Even in common usage, “victim” strongly implies the individual was wronged. Someone less charitable than I might attribute the word choice to a latent anti-police bias. Just sayin.

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