Low-paid police

In the aftermath of events such as those in Ferguson, there’s a tendency for the public and the media to paint all police departments with the same brush. This story highlights one source of differences even within a single metro area — significant variations in police pay.


3 Responses to “Low-paid police”

  1. Gunther Says:

    When Chief William Parker took over the Los Angeles Police Department, he had turned it into one of the best paying police departmenta and raise the bar when it came to professionalism; however, he did not do a thing to hire more minorities and women plus he kept on his war of harrassing minorities, labor unions, left wing and progressive groups in the city like his predecessors had done.

    Police departments do depend on a large tax base to give them better salares; however, the police do need to get unionizes since many of the American states are so anti-union. Police officers also need to stop isolating themselves from other union groups since it helps no one except the wealthy elite and corporations.

    With the hollowing out of not only manufacturing base jobs but also good paying service jobs being send overseas, politicans and business people have started to attack these so-called “generous public pensions including the police. Here is the thanks and reward that the police have received for backing up hard core right wing conservative economic policiesfor the last 34 years.

  2. Ashley Says:

    At a recent police training seminar in western Pennsylvania, I spoke to several young (19-24) part-time officers who were earning $9.50-11 hourly in small agencies. All of them had to provide their own body armor and duty equipment (pistols, handcuffs, batons, etc), and some even had to pay for their uniforms.

  3. Gunther Says:

    In California, the cops have to also buy their own equipment, uniforms, and guns even though they are well paid. I think we should do what they do in Japan, Europe, Singapore, etc., where the government issue guns to the cops at the beginning of their shift and then the cops turn in their government issued guns at the end of their shifts. It would cut down on American cops misusing and abusing their guns while they are off duty.

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