Broken windows defended

George Kelling and Bill Bratton offer an extended defense of Broken Windows policing in this article, countering claims that it is associated with stop and frisk, over-incarceration, police use of force, and discrimination against minority and low-income residents.


2 Responses to “Broken windows defended”

  1. Gunther Says:

    It would be nice if the police could use the broken window theory to go after landlords and companies would let their property go into decline while continuing to get tax credits. You go around America and you see abandon buildings going to rotten and the cities and counties don’t use their eminent domain to knock those buildings down since they are a magnet for criminal activities.

    The police should also use their broken window theory to force the various cities and counties to do things like repair bridges, fix street lights, sewer lines, or fill the pot holes in the roads since the police vehicles are subject being damage by the potholes and the cops are vulnerable to being ambush on the streets because of broken street lights.

  2. Gunther Says:

    The police also need to use the broken window theory to force individual owners and corporations to fix up their places like apartments and factories for violating safety, health, environmental, and labor laws as well.

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