New “New Policing”

In a recent essay two Columbia University professors offer five ideas for improving policing based on their view that “law enforcement agencies … are now running the show, indifferent to and insulated from both legal regulation and popular democracy.” Their perspective sharply conflicts with the NYPD commissioner’s recent comment that officers feel “under attack” from the federal government. This heated debate seems likely to continue in 2015.

2 Responses to “New “New Policing””

  1. Mike Ward Says:

    An interesting perspective, one that I find myself agreeing with more than not. However, his suggestion of specializing law enforcement might work in cities where police manpower isn’t an issue, but what about the rest of the country? The majority of our country is policed by small and mid sized agencies who don’t have the manpower to specialize LE in the manor he suggests.

    Is law enforcement the problem or is it society?

  2. Gunther Says:

    Police need to specializes in the various white collar, corporate crimes committed by Corporate America and wealthy people; otherwise, the police will find that their pension plans have been looted and that their communities have been polluted in the ground, in the air and in the water like what happen in North Carolina and West Virginia.

    I don’t see a divide between the district attorneys and the police; otherwise, the district attorneys running for office would be bragging about how many cops they have sent to prison in order to view themselves as being tough on crime and the cops would think twice about withholding evidence or manufactured evidence to the DA. That Missouri DA and New York DA would have put those cops on trial and send them to prison very quickly.

    I did like the article about the bad Power Point Presentation by the prosecutor in Washington. It is a new low for the DAs.

    Regarding specializing, we should have joint task forces with the state police and the federal LE agencies participating so the small and mid-sizes police can participate in specialization. You had the FBI and Philadelphia had a joint task force to take down the Nickey Scarfo gang back in the 1980s and now you have fusion centers around the country with local police being involved in those centers.

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