Trends for 2015

This article identifies “8 ways American policing could change” in 2015. Most of the predictions relate to adoption of modern technologies, but leadership, training, and differential responses are also mentioned.


One Response to “Trends for 2015”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I can see a couple of trends for policing in 2015.

    Use computer technology and social media to track individuals and organizations that pose no genuine threat to the USA since there is no credible evidence saying that they are but are monitor by the police since the police are returning to being a private police force for corporate America. One female cop stated that is what she does all day long is monitoring groups that are not terrorists or any other kind of threat to the USA.

    Another trend is using those ultra sound machines that cause headaches and ear aches to the people in order to make them disperse despite the fact that they are peacefully protesting. It had happen in the Ukraine, and just had lately in New York City a year or two ago. The NYPD admitted that they had use those machines without any kind of written policies and procedures when it comes to employing those devices and without the public knowledge and/or input and the people who were injured by those devices are experience health effects from them..

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