Police & churches

This article provides examples from around the country of African American churches working to repair and improve police-community relations. According to one police chief, “We can’t do this without you guys.”

One Response to “Police & churches”

  1. Gunther Says:

    When Tom Bradley, former Los Angeles mayor, was a LAPD cop, he tried to work with Afro-American community and there was a LAPD named Fink who I believe was the LAPD Public Information Officer who also did the same thing> What amazes me, is how both men have manage to somehow keep the city from exploding given the poor relationship between police and the Afro-American community. Sadly, no matter how hard these two men tried, they were always undercut by their own department. Even cops who took the initiative to do their own community work with the with the various ethnic, racial population, were told by Chief Gates to knock it off since the officers did not get official approval from him. Chief Gates seems to have this idea that no community work could be done successfully unless it was approved by LAPD headquarters.

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