Outreach by police leaders

This post describes police chief Tom Manger from Montgomery County, Maryland answering audience questions following a theater company’s dramatic presentations centered on race and police violence. The blogger is very complimentary of the chief’s candor and openness.



One Response to “Outreach by police leaders”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Great article! Did the police chief asks the Asian American group why they did not want to be police officers and the reasons for it?

    Regarding the chief’s remark about using a club to subdue a tall, heavy set person compare to the female cop who had to use her gun, maybe back in his time, male cops would use their clubs, but nowadays, it seems that the male cops are too readily using their guns instead of using their clubs plus not using their brains to deescalate a situation. If cops are going to use their guns, we might as well get rid of their clubs since they don’t seem to have a need for them.

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