Re-taking the parks in LA

This op-ed describes a big turnaround in Los Angeles, where city and county parks were previously dominated by gangs, but are now back in use by the general public. A combination of smart enforcement and community policing is given much of the credit, along with a shift in gang priorities from territorial control to money-making criminal activity.


One Response to “Re-taking the parks in LA”

  1. Gunther Says:

    It is a shame that the residents can’t enjoy the fruits of crime being gone from their neighborhoods because now you have landlords raising the rents and upper middle class and rich people moving into those neighborhoods because they never had to worry about living in those neighborhoods when crime was abound.

    The poor and the working class pay the price of one way or another whether crime is rampant in their communities or when it is reduce in their area. It is happening in the west part of Oakland and many years ago, it happen in an area of Chicago. The people in that Chicago area got mad because they were asking where were the business owners, landlords, and the upper middle class and rich class hen it was the local residents and law enforcement that were laying down their lives and busting their butts off to get rid of the criminal elements? It another prime example of business people and rich people dis-associating themselves from the rest of the communtiy.

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