Citizen involvement in police hiring

This article describes the participation of diverse community members on interview panels in the hiring process for new officers in Duluth, Minnesota. The police chief asked the interviewers to “look for officers who will get out of the car and interact with all citizens in the community, officers who will interact with people as equals and treat them with respect and dignity.”


2 Responses to “Citizen involvement in police hiring”

  1. David Couper Says:

    Good stuff here. We did this in Madison and I remember citizens asking for what they should look for…. I love the Duluth question. Mine was, “It’s 2 a.m. and your teenage daughter is way past curfew. Suddenly she bursts through the door. She is crying, her blouse is torn. Now think about the kind of man or women you would like to be the police officer who comes to your home in response to your call for help.”

  2. Gunther Says:

    Maybe the chief should put his officers on foot patrol or bicycle patrol, then the cops would have to talk to the public. But then again that is no guarantee a police officer would want to talk to the public nor would it guarantee that a citizen could walk up to a cop without fear of getting beaten, taser or shot.

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