Guardians not warriors

This article provides a thoughtful discussion of the limits and consequences of the warrior mentality and argues that it is better for police to think of themselves as guardians.


One Response to “Guardians not warriors”

  1. Norm Jahn Says:

    Very insightful and, in my opinion, an accurate analysis. I’ve thought about some of these same issues (training) over a 25 year career including completion of police academies at age 23 and 43.

    Huge problems are rising to the surface and getting so much media attention. Awareness is a good thing. Apathy isn’t. And guess what? Citizens are responsible for they type of social control implemented in their communities.

    How did we get to to this point? One short answer is the how police leaders get to be police leaders. Do you go along with the status quo or insist on the importance of of service and saving lives.

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