Re-imagining policing

This column argues that we need to re-imagine policing, with smarter hiring criteria, training, and operational practices and a different approach to risk, safety, and fear. “Policing is a vital function in a democracy where we grant an officer the awesome authority to bring lethal force to bear on fellow citizens. We need to rethink how we socialize men and women into this profession.”


One Response to “Re-imagining policing”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Former Philadelphia Police Captain Lewis stated that when he had taken the mental assessment test, he was below the threshold line of being an aggressive person. 20 years later, when he took the test again, he was almost close to the threshold line. He then stated that many police departments hired people above the threshold line, and that is where those departments get into trouble and sue because those people are the ones that cause lawsuits

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