More on misconduct in Baltimore

Here’s an interview with a former Baltimore PD sergeant who has begun tweeting about various forms of police misconduct that he witnessed. He attributes most of it to the drug war, an us vs. them mentality, and a good old boy network within the department.



2 Responses to “More on misconduct in Baltimore”

  1. Mark Bond Says:

    Reblogged this on e-Roll Call Magazine.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Radley Balko aside, this information is disturbing, and not only due to the misconduct it alleges.
    First, Wood was a sergeant, which means he had a responsibility to supervise and guide officers. Is he admitting he observed misconduct and didn’t take appropriate action?
    Also, his support for drug legalization is ludicrous. I realize the world isn’t going to end if someone smokes a joint, but does he genuinely want unfettered access to heroin, crystal meth, etc? The human devastation caused by those addictions is widely known, yet he advocates legalization?
    If Wood truly wants to improve policing, perhaps he should start with his own credibility.

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