Aiding those you injure

This op-ed by an army judge advocate argues that police, just like soldiers, should be expected and required to provide first aid to those they injure in the line of duty.


One Response to “Aiding those you injure”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Many agencies direct officers to provide first aid, to the degree practicable, to anyone injured by a use of force. In my agency, it was our custom and practice for many years before we codified the requirement about ten years ago

    As an aside, I thought the author’s name sounded familiar.

    LTC Morse prosecuted SSG Robert Bales for the Kandahar Massacre (Bales was convicted of the 2012 murder of 16 Afghans, including nine children, and sentenced to life in prison.)

    He also received significant media attention when, as one of the Army’s top sex crimes prosecutors, he was accused of groping and kissing a female colleague.

    That case got very interesting when “the government [took] the extraordinary action of ordering the [Morse] and his assigned [defense] counsel to cease and desist in engaging in any investigation of the allegations against [Morse], without a factual predicate of malfeasance, and simply at the behest of the purported victim.”

    That order was later rescinded.

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