The police academy and “the war on cops”

This first-person account reports academy instructors promoting the “war on cops” myth to new recruits. The socializing role of the academy has long been understood — its impact may be even more critical than usual during these divisive times.


2 Responses to “The police academy and “the war on cops””

  1. Ashley Says:

    While there’s clearly some exaggeration from the academy instructors, I’m not certain things are as rosy as “Clayton” would have us believe. After all, the last year or so has included demonstrators openly calling for the murder of police officers. I don’t recall such hateful rhetoric at any other time in my career (which began in 1995).
    On a related note, I recently administered an entry test in a city where the number of applicants had previously averaged about 85. This year, there were 34 candidates.

  2. Gunther Says:

    What about the hateful rhetoric that the cops are doing on the general public blaming the public for the war on cops when it is the cops that have been at war with the rest of American society?

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