Walking the beat in New Haven

This article highlights New Haven, Connecticut where the police chief has attempted to reconnect the police and the public by assigning rookies to walk a beat for their first year, firmly believing that personal relationships are the key to effective policing and public trust.



2 Responses to “Walking the beat in New Haven”

  1. Mark Bond Says:

    Reblogged this on e-Roll Call Magazine.

  2. Gunther Says:

    Great story. Can’t blame the old lady for saying that she didn’t know about the cops considering the fact that many cops don’t live in the neighborhoods that they patrol particularly poor people, minority communities, gang infested communities, different ethnic and racial communities so the only time they meet these different groups of people when responding to a 9/11 call.

    Cops came from poor/working/lower class neighborhoods because you did not see upper middle class/rich class people joining the force. However, that did not stop them from being a private police force when it came to breaking up labor strikes, spying on Americans both as individuals and as groups of people regarding their political, social, religious, economic, ethnic, religious background so in some ways they did forgot that they were part of the community.

    Many cops don’t know about the history of their departments when it comes to police corruption, being a private force for slave plantations owners, wealthy people, and big corporations. They don’t know the history of their departments where they violated the constitutional rights of American citizens by illegally spying on certain groups of people, beating them up, planting evidence on them and in some cases even murdering them. They also don’t know about the history of their department where cops ran their own little criminal rackets or were in league with the criminals. If they knew how bad their departments was, they would probably have second thoughts about becoming a cop.

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