Western “constitutional” sheriffs

This article recounts the rise of so-called “constitutional” sheriffs in the Western U.S. who resist federal initiatives and sometimes actively interfere with federal law enforcement officials. These sheriffs, said to number over 200, have established their own networks and are often linked to citizen groups and political movements associated with state’s rights, 2nd amendment rights, and opposition to land management and environmental protections.


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One Response to “Western “constitutional” sheriffs”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I hate to see the day where law enforcement people start shooting at each other; however, many Americans would applaud it and who can’t blame them. If these sheriffs and their people are going to violate the oath to protect both the state and federal constitutions, then they should turn in their badges.

    These cops need to have a mental evaluation every six months to a year in order to stay on the job or leave the job because they are mentally unbalance due to the stress of the job plus their crazy statements regarding their political ideologies.

    If they want to secede from the USA, then let them see how long they will last without federal money in times of natural and man-made disasters not to mention the loss of federal jobs since many of those Western people work for the federal government. They will also find out that their corporate and wealthy people tax breaks and subsidies have not produce the revenues that the economists and Republicans have been saying all those years.

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