LPR data overload

According to this article, the town of Freeport, Long Island has deployed 27 fixed license plate readers to cover all 11 entry points to their jurisdiction. The cameras have led to 28 arrests including a murder suspect, but tracking 17 million license plates in just 3 months has mainly produced a lot of hits for registration violations. Managing the data and the volume of citations already threatens to overwhelm the 95-officer police department.



One Response to “LPR data overload”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Boy, the cops really did not think about the long-term implications of where to store the data, how it was doing to be used, were they going to share it with other law enforcement agencies, and how long were they going to keep the data before they destroy it or if they were going to destroy it. In addition, they did not do a long term study of how many cars were going to be passing through their town and because of it, determine whether they had the manpower to handled the data coming in.

    Then again long term thinking and consequences was never a particular trait of American public and private sector managers nor is it taught to them in school from elementary all the way up to colleges and think tanks.

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