NYPD sleaze

Two high-ranking NYPD commanders have been relieved of their guns and badges as a result of a FBI investigation into acceptance of extravagant gifts and conflicts of interest, according to this article, while this article indicates that a total of 20 officers may be implicated. A few years ago the big scandal was the NYPD police union’s involvement in fixing parking and traffic tickets for officers and their friends and family, as reported here.



One Response to “NYPD sleaze”

  1. Gunther Says:

    How often to the captains, inspectors, deputy chiefs meet with business people/wealthy people of New York City? In the movie Year of the Dragon, Captain Stanley White made it clear to the leaders (who were criminals) that everyone would follow the law. If he had said that remark to the Wall Street guys or the people in the affluent areas of New York City, those people would have demanded that Captain White be relieved of his command. They would have gotten even more tick off if White had arrested them for economic malfeasance and/or had done drug raids at the corporate offices and/or did drug raids in the affluent communities. Need to get money and politics out of the police department.

    You wonder how long this racket was going on? Did this occurred during the Bloomberg era as well?

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