Scathing report from Chicago task force

According to this article, the draft report of the task force appointed by Chicago’s mayor last December is very critical of the police department and recommends replacing the city’s Independent Police Review Authority. The report cites “a long, sad history of death, false imprisonment, physical and verbal abuse and general discontent about police actions in neighborhoods of color” adding “The public has lost faith in the oversight system” and “collective bargaining agreements between the police unions and the city have essentially turned the code of silence into official policy.” The task force’s full report is expected later this week.



One Response to “Scathing report from Chicago task force”

  1. Gunther Says:

    So what else is new? We did not know about that torture that was done on the people in Chicago during the 70, 80s and 90s until one detective finally rollover and talk. We did not even know about that secret place Chicago police station where people were taken for interrogations and their love ones and the defending lawyers were never informed about the place.

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