Border security backfired

This article summarizes a study that found that years of tightening the US-Mexico border actually had the unintended effect of making it harder for undocumented immigrants to return home. The conclusion, sure to be controversial, is that $35 billion was not just wasted, but backfired.


2 Responses to “Border security backfired”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I wonder if we had not put a wall across the border, how many of those Mexican men would actually return to Mexico? Seems to me that once they cross into the USA, they tend to stay in the USA and not go home; otherwise, Reagan would have not issue an amnesty program for them back in the 1980s.

  2. Gunther Says:

    I read the article fully and feel that the reason why Mexican immigration has dry up was because of the tightening of the border and furthermore, due to the illegal immigration backlash, many illegal immigrants left the USA and because of it, many farmers in the Southern states couldn’t find workers to pick their crops which is fine with me because now the farmers need to treat their workers fairly.

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