Precarious time for police chiefs

This article reviews a number of high-profile situations over the last two years in which critical incidents have resulted in police chiefs being replaced. While the average tenure of big-city chiefs has always been relatively short, “What once may be have been seen as a purely local matter involving a police department, a chief or an officer, is now seen as part of national pattern or problem.”


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One Response to “Precarious time for police chiefs”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Police chiefs brought the situation on themselves. Look at Francis Lazarro “Frank” Rizzo of the Philadelphia police. His attitude towards Afro-Americans didn’t change when he became the mayor. The police including the federal agencies like the FBI are being used again the suppress political, social, and economic protests to maintain the status quo in the country; whereby, they are voting against their own interests in getting better wages, working conditions, etc. Having minorities and women on the police force has not change the situation. Sheriff Jeff David A. Clarke Jr., an Afro-American, told the people of Milwaukee County, not to depend on the police to come when calling 911.

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