Evidence-based interrogation

This article reports that the LAPD and other police agencies are changing their interrogation techniques based on research and positive results. The new approaches are less confrontational and emphasize building rapport and letting the suspect talk. Studies show that these methods produce more relevant information and fewer false confessions.



3 Responses to “Evidence-based interrogation”

  1. Gunther Says:

    I wish they had concentrated on the story regarding the LAPD detective committing the murder and getting her to confess to her murder in the 1980s.

    I can’t believe that innocent people are so duped into confessing that they had committed the crime and the police are so stupid in letting them confess to the crime when they knew full well that those people did not commit it. What is even worse is that when the innocent people tell the cops that they did not commit the crime, the cops refuse to believe them and the DA and the judge back up the cops and then fight tooth and nail years later when evidence and a confession from the real criminal proves that they were wrong.

    We need to revamp our justice system like they do in Australia and Europe where the police and DA are trained to search for the truth even if it means that their conviction rate will be lower because of it.

  2. jspndy Says:

    Interrogation of someone under custody is in itself coercive and against the right to silence. Let the police interview the suspect or the accused as they do other witnesses, without arresting them, and only to the extent they are willing to speak. Only then can we get rid of false or wrong implications, or fraudulent or coercive questioning.

  3. Gunther Says:

    I agreed with you jspndy; however, both you and I know that the cops get mad when people invoke their right to be silence and asks to speak to a lawyer and continue to interrogate the people

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