Police have long debated whether the free cup of coffee should be allowed or prohibited. Those who would allow it generally argue that it is harmless — that it doesn’t affect police decision making. A recent study of doctors is perhaps relevant. It found that “receipt of industry-sponsored meals was associated with an increased rate of prescribing the brand-name medication that was being promoted.”


One Response to “Gratuities”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Cops need to pay for things like coffee out of their pockets like everyone else. I have read comments on other websites about cops getting free coffee and food at one gas station and the station never got robbed while another gas station constantly got robbed because they would not give the cops food and drink. If you want to cut down crime at gasoline stations/fast food jointer after 5:00 pm, then you should not allow them to operate 24 hours a day. It would cut down the amount of car traffic in the neighborhoods, make the neighborhoods more peaceful, and there would be less violent crime against the gas stations/fast food joints.

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