Police as debt collectors

This article argues that because of an increasingly expensive criminal justice system, but no willingness to raise taxes, local and state governments have increasingly assessed fines and costs on defendants over the last 20 years. Most defendants are poor and often fail to pay, resulting in more summonses and warrants, leading to more confrontations with police and a greater temptation to flee.


One Response to “Police as debt collectors”

  1. Ashley Says:

    “Which raises some questions: Are police making too many stops for minor issues, and could the number of violent confrontations between police and civilians be reduced by reducing the number of confrontations over all?”
    Is Markowitz serious?
    No one should support using law enforcement to generate revenue, but to suggest police should ignore low-level violations to avoid confrontation is absurd.
    Our society, quite reasonably, expects its members to defer to the valid exercise of legitimate authority in many circumstances, not just police-community interaction.

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