In-house vs. regional training

Because most police departments are small they depend on regional academies for recruit training. The regional model meets technical requirements but doesn’t always enable a department to tailor initial training to its philosophy and needs. This article reports that Albany, NY will start operating its own academy in order to put more emphasis on community policing and community engagement.


2 Responses to “In-house vs. regional training”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Why don’t they add community policing to the curriculum at the regional police academy?

  2. Gary Cordner Says:

    It’s probably there but in some kind of limited and generic form. When a PD operates its own academy it has a better opportunity to mold its new officers to its own philosophy and culture (for better or for worse). In this instance, Albany NY PD has appeared to put more genuine emphasis on community policing over the last 10-20 years than most agencies, so I would interpret the current decision to start their own academy as well intentioned. Time will tell whether it makes any difference, of course. BTW the professor quoted in the article, Rob Worden, is one of the smartest and most capable (and also most modest) police academics in the country.

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