Secret Service challenges

This article reviews the successful but taxing last 12 months for the Secret Service, including a papal visit, presidential primaries, national political conventions, and the Clinton/Trump contest.The agency hopes to fill 1,000 positions but only 1% of applicants are making it through the process. In the meantime, current agents and uniformed staff are wearing down.


One Response to “Secret Service challenges”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Funny how 70 to 60 years ago, police recruits did not face real stringent standards when they dally with drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol even when they got busted by the police when they were young kids and were still allowed to join the force.

    Kids should be responsible for being drug users; however, society did them no favor by not educating them properly about drugs effecting their lives in more than one way, putting so much stress/pressure on the kids that they take drugs to manage their stress or give them an escape from their misery, or being so strict on drugs that it cut them out of being employ. Of course, you never saw law enforcement cracking down on drug users/dealers on Wall Street and the affluent, wealthy neighborhoods because they were told by their political masters not to go after them or face the consequences for doing so. It sends a bad message to the kids it was okay to take them and not face the consequences.

    Another problem with recruitment is that due to the various economic scandals for the last 36 years, people put off marriage and having kids; whereby, the USA has the lowest birthrate since 1935 which means that the pool of police recruits is very restricted Also due to the fact that it is expensive to attend a four year college, the number of available college students for the Secret Service has also been extremely limited.

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