Murders not solved in Chicago

This article reports on Chicago’s declining clearance rate for homicides, which has dropped from 80% to below 26% over the last 25 years. The volume of murders doesn’t account for the precipitous decrease — the city actually had twice as many killings back in 1991, but was much more successful at solving them.



One Response to “Murders not solved in Chicago”

  1. Gunther Says:

    Complex issue about why homicides can’t be solved. The police definitely need better training with the new technology to get a conviction; however, I would not want to go back to the old days where the police use various physical and mental tactics get a confession to convict someone like it is in Japan. If a cop is not going to put in the time and effort to solve a crime, then why bother to even pay them let alone put him/her on the detective force? Even if you have a police force that represents the community, it is no guarantee that they will be actually providing better police services.

    I had read the article about those two Chicago cops exposing that police drug protection racket and they received no support from the high ranking Chicago police officers and if I recall correctly, some of those high ranking cops were minorities.and one of them was a woman. These high ranking minority cops are traitors to all those civil right people who got beaten and/or killed in order to break the glass ceiling for future generations of both the public and private sectors. It is bad enough you can’t trust white cops, but it is worse when you can’t trust minority cops to do their job or won’t do their jobs despite the fact that they were once harassed by the white cops for years. The police can’t complained about the no snitches policy on the streets when they have their own no snitches policy aka The Blue Wall of Silence.

    Seems to me that too many cops especially high ranking ones are like CEOs and like government civilian and military officials in that they just want the perks, salaries, and benefits while expecting everyone else to do their jobs for them and then are whining about how hard their jobs are plus having a second job waiting for them when they retire. One of those high ranking cops retired from the Chicago PD and is working for the Illinois State Police Yeah like that cop is going to be any better while working for the state police? My answer would be to them was that they took the job, and they must accept the responsibilities that go with the job. No one pushed them into applying for the jobs let alone stopped them from applying for them. Furthermore, if their jobs are hard is because they directly or indirectly contribute to it because they ignore the problems when they were moving up the ranks or they were part of the problem by being evil, corrupt cops in the first place.

    If a cop expects me to do every aspect of his/her job for him/her, then you might as well fire the cop and put me in his/her job slot. As Sherlock Holmes told Dr. Watson in the TV show The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, episode The Blue Carbuncle, that he (Sherlock) was not retained by the police to supply their deficiencies.

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