UK “direct entry” growing

In 2014 the UK police implemented a “direct entry” program allowing exceptional individuals to join the police at advanced sworn ranks equivalent to lieutenant and captain in US terms. This article indicates that almost half of UK forces have now adopted the program. This site explains how the process works.


3 Responses to “UK “direct entry” growing”

  1. Gunther Says:

    It would be interesting to see how many of these direct entry superintendents and inspectors leave the force because like many newly graduate constables, they quit because they not used to seeing crime scenes or dealing with people who resist them.

    How many of these direct entry people be assigned to like murder squad, rape, robbery, etc and how well will their prior skills help them? Having a direct entry inspector or superintendent in those positions might be a disadvantage since it is kind of like having a newly graduate second lieutenant being a platoon commander but in reality, until he/she gets the hang of the job, he/she is more of a liability instead of an asset.

    What percentage of these inspector and superintendent positions are direct entry ones?

  2. Gunther Says:

    I was wondering why don’t they have any direct entry for sergeant positions as well.

  3. Gary Cordner Says:

    It’s a new system, but I’m pretty sure they are studying it closely to see how well it works. It was very controversial when introduced, breaking with about 180 years of tradition. Of course lots of other countries around the world have had this kind of system for a long time, but not the UK, US, Canada, or Australia.

    The percentage at this point is small, since it’s new and as yet unproven. As for sergeants, probably like the US military they figure they need those non-coms who have a lot of operational experience to really run things day-to-day.

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