Taking unsolved murders seriously

This article describes work done by a former journalist to compile and analyze data on unsolved murders throughout the U.S. — well over 200,000 since 1980. Police departments initially ignored his data and alerts about cases possibly linked to serial killers, but have recently started to take notice.


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One Response to “Taking unsolved murders seriously”

  1. Gunther Says:

    One of the best articles I have read. If these murders were happening to cops, judges, district attorneys, and their family members, they would be totally behind it. Yes, the police should help people who are alive; however, closing these unsolved murder case would stop future murders and it would give closure to the families of the murdered victims. Then again, you have the Supreme Court saying that the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect someone and you have cops like Sheriff Clarke telling the public don’t bother to call the police.

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