Immigration & crime

U.S. metropolitan areas with higher concentrations of undocumented immigrants have lower rates of murder, violent crime, and property crime, according to this analysis. The findings are consistent with previous studies, most of which have found more immigration = less crime.


2 Responses to “Immigration & crime”

  1. Says:

    Gary Thanks for these daily briefings. Today’s article is timely as we have just completed a YPI Parent program with immigrant parents and the Westchester County PD. It was a real “trust building” success and we’re looking to extend across the county and outside of NY. I certainly appreciated this article and any support that you might offer for this effort. The youth YPI continues to go very well. I have attached a newsletter posting for your review. Best wishes Jim

  2. John R Kapinos Says:

    Most immigrant communities tend to be well-functioning, with high levels of social coherence. Communities with those characteristics normally have much lower rates of crime and other dysfunction. It is those neighborhoods that are highly dysfunctional that breed the conditions for crime to occur.

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